Our Services

Lawn & Yard Maintenance

Our professional landscape experts understand that every property has different needs so we offer a comprehensive array of services. These services range from simple to complex, while providing the customer service you need, the dependability you seek, and the attention you deserve. Our dedicated account executives provide consistent communication and quality assurance as they adhere to best practices in lawn care. 

Snow and Ice


To ensure your property is safe and fully accessible throughout the snow season, our credentialed snow and ice management crew can provide all your winter services.  We feature the important qualities of affordability, professionalism, and availability by maintaining appearance, mobility, and safety throughout your property.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Spring clean-up includes power raking the lawn and cleaning out all landscape beds.  All thatch removed from the lawn and all debris removed from the beds will be disposed of by us.  All concrete surfaces, patios, decks, etc., will be blown off before the job is complete.

Fall clean-up includes leaf and debris removal from the lawn and all landscape beds.  All debris removed will be disposed of by us.  Leaf removal may be a one-time visit or more often during the fall to keep your property clean. 

Why not just have the kid down the street mow my lawn?

Sure, Billy could probably mow your lawn or shovel your driveway for half the cost. Is there a guarantee there won't be lines from uneven mower blades? Will grass get blown onto the sidewalk and into your landscaping? Is he insured? If he puts a rock through your window, will he cover the cost to repair it?

With Ledebuhr Lawn Care, you don't need to worry. Leave it to the professionals. 

We are fully insured.

Our Promise

Satisfaction is guaranteed on all work. Please let us know if you are not 100% satisfied. 

Our Goal

We want customers to receive the best service for the best price.


With years of experience caring for lawns, Ledebuhr Lawn Care, LLC knows lawns and how to care for each customers needs.