Snow Plowing in La Crescent

Where Can I Find the Best Snow Removal Near Me?

Living in La Crescent, MN has a ton of benefits: the beautiful landscape, the friendly smiles on your neighbors’ faces, and the wonderful communities that make this place feel like home. What’s not so great—for six months of the year, at least—is the winter weather. And as we head into the colder months for another year, it’s more crucial than ever before you have the phone number of a reliable snow removal company on hand.

The simple fact of living here in La Crescent, MN is that a sudden blast of cold polar air can transform a beautiful fall landscape into a frosty mess that makes getting to work in the morning very difficult. Everyone knows at least one person who’s been snowed in so heavily their front door won’t open. While it’s true you can handle snow removal yourself, it’s taxing on the body and mind—especially when the snow keeps falling day after day. To lighten the load on yourself for the toughest months of the year, call Ledebuhr Lawn Care, LLC for snow removal. We bring the industrial-strength snow plow and all the other snow removal equipment you need to make the roads in La Crescent, MN easier to drive so you can get yourself where you need to go. Moreover, you won’t have to lift a finger!

Shoveling Snow: Dangerous for Your Health?

During the brutal Minnesotan winters, shoveling snow isn’t just an occasional chore—it’s a daily necessity. And while getting the blood flowing to your heart is usually a good thing, snow shoveling takes it to an extreme. It’s estimated that more people suffer from cardiac events after snow shoveling than they do from running on a treadmill.

Because the exercise is so strenuous, it places a heavy demand on the body. Without a warmup, you could be putting yourself at serious risk. Why not hire a snow removal company instead to plow that snow away for you?

Cheaper Than Renting Snow Removal Equipment

It’s true that many hardware stores offer snow removal equipment for you to buy or rent. But before you do, ask yourself how likely you are to get full use of the snow removal equipment. If you spend hundreds of dollars on something that’s likely to stay in the garage for 364 days of the year, why not call Ledebuhr Lawn Care, LLC for regular snow plowing instead?

Safety All Year Round

As one of the North Star State’s premier landscaping and snow removal companies, you can rely on Ledebuhr Lawn Care, LLC to keep your property neat and tidy all year. When the frosty weather hits and you no longer need our regular expert landscaping services, call us from the most reliable snow removal in the La Crescent, MN area.

We’re dedicated to keeping Minnesotans safe and in harmony with the natural environment around them. Trusting Ledebuhr Lawn Care, LLC for your landscaping, snow blowing, and snow removal needs means that you can enjoy your time outside—year round! Call us today to learn more!